Capturing nature as an artistic medium by presenting the natural world and its inhabitants as it appears in its dynamic state. This site is an experimental website constantly exploring the ways in which capturing nature might be artistic.


B.A. Carnegie Mellon University

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Continuing Education Graphic Design Courses


Jillian C. Watkins is a photographer based in Washington, D.C., USA. She is committed to ensuring that viewers are exposed to the sheer beauty of nature in its authentic dynamic state. Nature is a guiding force and source of inspiration for Jillian, who primarily specializes in depicting nature the way it actually exists through her lens with little photographic alteration. Rural painterly and unpeopled scenes are prominent in her work despite the fact that she grew-up in a densely populated urban environment. A 'natural colorist' was a compliment she once received in a critique of her work and she hopes to continue along this path within the genre of  contemporary color photography. She received her Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) degree from Carnegie Mellon University. After her undergraduate studies, she pursued her creative passion dabbling in Continuing Education design courses at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in Providence, Rhode Island. Ever since this venture, she has been steadily developing her career as an emerging photographer working on personal creative projects that seek to present nature as an artistic endeavor. She is consistently devoted to her mission statement of ‘capturing nature as an artistic medium by presenting the natural world and its inhabitants as it appears in its dynamic state.’

 left image is of a spindly 'J' from the spindly series


avid outdoors enthusiast + love of photography = nature photograpHER {naturally}

keen observHER.

always nabbing nature’s splendHER.



1999        B.A. in History & Policy, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2000        Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Providence, Rhode Island - Continuing Education Graphic Design Courses


2014        Visible Iceland , Hillyer Art Space, Washington, D.C. Curated and displayed artwork as part of a group Icelandic photography exhibition

2013        Juried Landscape Show, Tellus 360, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Group photography exhibit sponsored by the Honfleur   Gallery at law firm Womble, Carlyle, & Sandridge, Washington, D.C.

2014         Mark Jenkins, In the Galleries: Visible Iceland, The Washington Post, November “Visible Iceland” Photography  

Exhibit Coming to Washington, D.C., Iceland             Naturally, October 2014
2012        Aftermath: A Wintry Walk Along the C&O , Published, photographed, color             photography book. Sold at Politics & Prose Bookstore, Washington, D.C. Buyer:             Shane Cagney and the Audubon Sanctuary Bookstore, Chevy Chase, MD, Buyer         Matt Mathias; retail value: $12.95

2014        Hillyer Art Space, Culture Blast Panel Discussion along with the Embassy of Ice            land’s Deputy Chief of Mission, and Anna Smith, Director of Cultural Exchange             at International Arts & Artists. Addressed the topic “How Does Art Contribute to             Cross-Cultural Understanding?”
2012        REI Rockville Store, MD, Feb. 2012 , Presented                             The Joys of Winter Nature Photography